Ever played truth or dare with a bunch of people and been asked to do things you were not comfortable doing? Us too! That’s why we created the Truth or Pineapple Game.

Download to your Android or iPhone and complete a quick interview of preferences. The game engine needs to know which activities or other players you are interested in.

Want to kiss one of the other players? Tell the game and if they also want to kiss you, the game will try to make your mutual desires a reality.

In the later rounds of the game, the pineapples can get pretty wild if everyone is up for it. Everything from body shots, to massages, to oral and full-on sex. The game will adapt to your group’s comfort level.

Gone are the days of a Truth or Dare game that just turns out to be embarrassing or hurtful to the other players.

Gather a bunch of open-minded adults and let the pineapple juices flow!